Comedy College
(Pilot for TV and/or Internet series)

Comedy College is the first innovative and new show of your
next season. Comedy College is a low budget, high quality
(HD) production that can yield your network huge revenues
with our unique marketing and promotion plan.  KSK
Productions and the cast and crew are seasoned
professionals and can deliver ratings similar those of great hit
shows like, “South Park”, “Reno 911”, Family Guy”, “I was a
Teenage Slut”(not yet produced).
This pilot will give you an idea of the well developed
characters that have many solid personalities like the
Characters on “Seinfeld” or “Golden Girls”. The pilot was shot
in HD but due to the compressing of Internet sites the quality
will be really awful!
If you are interested in airing and/or developing the series for
your network, please contact us at 310-780-4117.
Please, do not call unless you are a network executive or producer. Fans
please leave comments and questions on Fan Page or on YouTube. Thank